Our Professionals

The Kanim Associates, LLC team comprises a highly qualified group of professionals in the fields of Energy Policy, Natural Resource Management, Water Resources, Economic Development, Transmission, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Tribal Cultural Knowledge, Cultural Competency, Government Services, Education, and Specialized Artistic Services


971-255-1404 / office   direllecalica@kanimllc.com  / email

971-255-1404 / office

direllecalica@kanimllc.com / email

direlle r. calica, j.d. / partner

Ms. Calica leads, manages and ensures Kanim Associates' values, mission and vision are implemented in the firm's work, services and products.  She is responsible for developing and coordinating the firm's operation strategy, goals and direction.  She ensures the necessary operational, financial, regulatory, and day-to-day tasks are in order for the firm's successful operations.  

Ms. Calica has 20-years of experience as a field, legislative, policy, planning, and regulatory advisor with the U.S. Attorney’s Office-District of Oregon, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and various Indian Tribes. Ms. Calica has extensive professional experience in intergovernmental affairs, hydrosystem planning, resource conservation, and tribal energy policy. She has also served as a White House Intern and Mark O. Hatfield Congressional Fellow in the U.S. Senate.

shirod t.a. younker / partner

Mr. Shirod Younker (Coquille/Miluk Coos), a Native artist, program manager, and tribal canoe skipper. Mr. Younker also manages the only pre-college Native American Art program at Oregon College of Art and Craft for indigenous teens, which was founded in 2004 has included Native American, Native Hawaiian and Maori students. Mr. Younker serves on the Coquille Indian Tribe's Culture Committee. Mr. Younker has a degree in Fine Arts from Oregon State University..

971-255-1404 / office   syounker@kanimllc.com  / email   www.shirodyounker.com  / website

971-255-1404 / office

syounker@kanimllc.com / email

www.shirodyounker.com / website

971-255-1404 / office

971-255-1404 / office

Charles “jody” calica, partner

Mr. Calica is a member of the Warm Springs Tribe (Tygh and Clackamas Bands).  He is both a practicing and investment Partner in Kanim Associates, LLC.  Mr. Calica recently retired, after three consecutive terms, as the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary-Treasurer for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.  

Prior to Mr. Calica's appointment as Chief-Executive Officer and Secretary-Treasurer he served the Tribes' as the Chief Operations Office (COO).  Prior to the COO, assignment, he served for over 15-years as the Tribes' Natural Resources Department, General Manager.  Mr. Calica has extensive experience and expertise in complex and dynamic financial, multi-party, business, policy, and development initiatives.

303-443-0182 office  303-717-3876 mobile   margieschaff@comcast.net  / email

303-443-0182 office

303-717-3876 mobile

margieschaff@comcast.net / email

Margaret “Margie” Schaff, J.D., partner

Ms. Schaff has over 25-years of professional experience as an attorney, legal counsel, policy adviser, and technical consultant. Her experience includes work for the Western Area Power Administration, Native Power Corporation, and Utility and Energy Specialist at Dames & Moore, and co-founded the Law Office of Schaff & Clark Deschene, LLC. Ms. Schaff has extensive expertise with tribal energy development, utility formation, strategic energy planning, energy efficiency and conservation, legislative and policy analysis, and regulatory expertise.


We work on many unique and often complex projects that require some added expertise from highly reputable Associates. Through close coordination with our clients we have enlisted team members with engineering, accounting, economics, archaeology, history, specialized art and cultural expertise, and we’ve even hired some master tribal wood carvers. Our goal is to provide our clients and customers the best possible services and products.