We are Kanim Associates, LLC

We are a professional consulting firm. Our services are interdisciplinary and we serve our clients’ specialized energy, environmental, educational, sovereign, organizational, and business requirements.  We pride our work on a strong set of values and employ cultural competence in our work for our clients, their interests and goals.  


Our Clients

We provide professional consulting services to many client types, including colleges and universities, state and federal government, tribal governments, tribal enterprises, non-profit organizations, philanthropic organizations, and professional service firms.  


Our Approach

We are a dynamic team of Partners and Associates who work on a wide variety of project types, ranging from utility services, energy development, environmental entrepreneurship, to economic development, and more. We have three offices; two located in Oregon and one in Colorado.


Our Principles

The word "Kanim" pronounced "kuh neem" is a Chinookan or Chinuk wawa word that means "Canoe".  A Canoe plays a vital role in tribal culture, life, family, commerce, and utility. We work as a team, rely on our known strengths, coordinate our efforts, and work toward a common goal.


Utility formation, energy development and energy conservation


Native American Arts and Culture Education


Developing tribal water resource protection policy


We provide project management, business development and technical assistance services