"Kanim" is a word with compound meaning and all are significant to our Firm's Values and Mission.  We would like to share the meaning behind the name with you.  In our endeavors we work as a team, in unison, forward-looking, and working toward a common goal.


The Canoe

The word "Kanim" pronounced "kuh neem" is a Chinookan or Chinuk wawa word that means "Canoe".  The Chinuk wawa language originated as a trade language in the Columbia River area and spread rapidly throughout a vast trade network of the Pacific Northwest, into what is now Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Southwestern Canada (or British Columbia), and Southeastern Alaska. A Canoe plays a vital role in tribal culture, life, family, commerce, and utility.



A Tribal "Kanim" or canoe has historic importance, as not only a mode of transportation, but is a vehicle that reinforces kinship ties, interconnection of communities, engages the family, and advances commerce by its use.  The canoe is a physical, mental, and spiritual vessel that moves its occupants from one place to another, and arrives at its destination only when its occupants work together, in unison, remain forward-looking, and are ever mindful of their environment. 



A part of our Firm's Native American lineage is linked to the Snoqualamie/Snohomish Chief Patkanim.  The name "Kanim" pronounced "kane-im" has become a family name connecting a family line from Warm Springs, Yakama, Snoqualamie, to Tulalip, and to all our relations in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  Our family includes our direct relatives we were gifted by birth and those relatives we have been gifted by choice.

Masi to our Love One, the late Marie Smith Calica, she encouraged us and supported our use of the company name.